Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Visible Mold

This is a great example of visible mold. If you can see the mold seeping through the wall there is a good chance it has spread behind that wall. At that point mold remediation will necessary to get rid of it all. 

Moldy mess

Mold is not something you want all over your kitchen. In this case the mold has spread through the kitchen and adjacent room but have no fear because SERVPRO was there to clean up that moldy mess. Although that mold thought it was going to get the best of us it was wrong. We got in there and cleaned it up so well by the time we were done that kitchen was just as it was pre mold. Our mold remediation team did a great job!

Getting ready for the good stuff

Our great staff getting suited up and ready to conquer this nasty stuff we call mold. This job was a tricky one because there was only a very small amount of mold that was visible to the eye so you would have never known that there was more unless you opened up walls. Once we started ripping out those walls and floor we discovered a lot of mold that was hiding deep in that house. We were able to remove it all and clean the area to prevent it from coming back. Job well done boys!

Plastic helps mold

i bet you are wondering how plastic helps mold? Well it doesn’t really help the mold it actually helps us contain the mold so that we can get rid of it as safely as possible. We build chambers and cover things such as furniture and appliances to ensure we don’t allow it to spread or contaminate anything else in the house. The plastic helps us help you and get rid of the problem lurking in your walls and floors called mold. 


Mold is never something we want to deal with and it can cause a lot of problems to our homes and to our health. As you can see in this photo mold can grow and spread rapidly. That is why we are here to stop the spreading and remove the existing mold to ensure the safety of your home and health. When we detect there is mold in your home we follow a strict protocol to ensure the job is done correctly and accurately called mold remediation. This requires the right tools and products to ensure the safety of your home and occupants. In a perfect world mold would not exist but in reality it happens and we just have to be ready to handle it the right way to ensure we get the job done right. Contact Us here at SERVPRO (818)951-6780 for all your mold issues and we would be happy to assist you. 


Waiting for mold damage to occur can drastically increase overall job cost. Usually visible mold growth as seen above  is a result of a long-term water damage that was not immediately taken care of. Once mold is spotted contact SERVPRO of Van Nuys North to keep the mold from growing.