Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Stormy weather

Its always good to be prepared for the next heavy rainfall. Every step you take to ensure your home is safe is a good one. But, sometimes we miss a few spots and end up with water in our homes. That is when you call us here at SERVPRO to help you clean up the mess. 

The dangerous storms

The aftermath of a storm can cause just as much damage as the storm itself. If you have a faulty roof or leaky windows your house can be subject to moisture which can lead to mold if it is not dried up properly. So be aware of your home when it storms because when it rains it pours and that could lead to a number of other issues. 

Get ready for the next storm

Its always a good idea to prepare yourself when you know something big is coming. As you can see in this picture the crew is getting their truck ready for the weekend. There is a big storm brewing and we will be ready for those emergency calls we will be receiving in the middle of the night because someone roof is leaking from the storm that’s about to drop. Our boys are always ready for whatever emergency you may be experiencing so call us (818)951-6780

Storm proof your roof

When it rains it pours and when it pours it can seep through your roof. It is really important to make sure your roof has been checked often to ensure you don’t have any potential of leaks because when it rains it won’t stop from creeping in. Lots of times water damage occurs after a heavy rainfall and that’s when people realize their roofs are not in great condition. So prepare yourself and your home before the next heavy rain and have that roof checked out. 

Storm damages more then you can imagine

Storms can cause all sorts of damage to homes. In this photo you will notice a boarded up glass sliding door. This was a result of a big storm that had passed through the city of Van Nuys in California. It scared the home owners and left them in a vulnerable state with that door left wide open. We got there soon after that happened and we boarded that up with a quickness. Everyone felt happy and safe and they were so thankful to have such a wonderful crew respond so quickly. 


Here at SERVPRO of Van Nuys North we use this piece of equipment also known as a dehumidifier. This is also referred to as a DEHU and is mostly used for water damage that can also be caused by heavy storms.