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Emergency READY

Being prepared it is not only for the big things, but also small water leak, or even can have a full blown flood in the area. To learn from this, it is about being prepared and doing this beforehand. As our clients, we want to make sure they can answer the question if they can handle this storm and be ready what comes after it. Or when fire seasons around the corner and our customers ask what they can proactively due to minimize the risk of a fire around their property.

Clients ask what an emergency ready profile is. We used this Emergency Ready Profile for our clients to ensure their important information, the ability to start mitigation and recovery services will be rather quickly and of course, effectively. 

If You Want The Best, You Call The Best

Our team is dedicated to helping you in a time of need. Our office staff will take your calls and get as much information about the loss as possible so that our crews can bring what they need to stop damage from getting worse. Our technicians specialize in fire, water and mold damage and will help eliminate further damage from occurring. We want you to feel confident that your property is in the right hands when you call SERVPRO of Van Nuys North! 

Mold? Not a Problem for SERVPRO of Van Nuys North

A slow leak under the kitchen sink which the insured did not notice until the problem became worse. A lot of mold growth here, but SERVPRO of Van Nuys North professionals handle this without an issue.

Safety is #1 Priority

Safety is not only something we practice for ourselves it is our priority to keep our customers out of harms way as well as their property. Safety is our focus when trying to salvage our customers materials. This picture is just a small example of how we ensure safety by creating support. Since we removed our customers moldy cabinets, we cut support 2x4 planks to make sure the granite countertop stays in-tact and does not fall or break. 

Rapid Response

Here at SERVPRO of Van Nuys North, we adhere to the quickest response by following the 1,4,8 hour rule. 

Within one hour from notice of loss, our office ladies at SERVPRO of Van Nuys North will contact your insurance to arrange for initial inspection.

Within four hours of initial loss, we're on site to start mitigation services whether as long as agreement with insurance is made and authorization completed.

Within eight hours after the loss, we update the insured and the insurance adjuster with what was initially completed. We then follow up that day with the primary contact and continue what needs to be done until job completed.

Everything Under One Roof

Have you or someone you know experience a loss in your residential or commercial property? Call SERVPRO of Van Nuys North. Our one-stop, restoring to rebuild shop make it, "Like it never even happened." From our state of the are equipment to highly trained and certified technicians, to our skilled construction crew we have all the resources you need under one roof! 

Wet Carpet

Water can come from all kinds of places. In this case a heavy rainfall from the night before soaked this carpet at our local footlocker store. We were able to set up our equipment and dry that place out. 

Stormy weather

Its always good to be prepared for the next heavy rainfall. Every step you take to ensure your home is safe is a good one. But, sometimes we miss a few spots and end up with water in our homes. That is when you call us here at SERVPRO to help you clean up the mess. 

Visible Mold

This is a great example of visible mold. If you can see the mold seeping through the wall there is a good chance it has spread behind that wall. At that point mold remediation will necessary to get rid of it all. 

The dangerous storms

The aftermath of a storm can cause just as much damage as the storm itself. If you have a faulty roof or leaky windows your house can be subject to moisture which can lead to mold if it is not dried up properly. So be aware of your home when it storms because when it rains it pours and that could lead to a number of other issues. 


Near or far, rain or shine, anywhere there is a water or fire damage SERVPRO is there to help assist with one of life's biggest problems. Nobody wants to deal with the stress that comes along with these situations so let us help you make it "like it never even happened". 


As you can see in this picture everything in this room was fried. Burnt to a crisp and destroyed. Luckily no one was injured and we were able to clean up the mess. 

Pay day places

Pay day offices such as this one in the photo are important to a lot of people, especially the ones that need money! We helped them out with a serious water damage that occurred overnight and were able to keep them open for business. 

Business Centers

Even business owners can suffer water damage losses. Employees can clog a toilet as easy as a child so keep our number on hand for all your water damage needs. 

Call us- 818-365-3736

Get ready for the next storm

Its always a good idea to prepare yourself when you know something big is coming. As you can see in this picture the crew is getting their truck ready for the weekend. There is a big storm brewing and we will be ready for those emergency calls we will be receiving in the middle of the night because someone roof is leaking from the storm that’s about to drop. Our boys are always ready for whatever emergency you may be experiencing so call us (818)951-6780

Storm proof your roof

When it rains it pours and when it pours it can seep through your roof. It is really important to make sure your roof has been checked often to ensure you don’t have any potential of leaks because when it rains it won’t stop from creeping in. Lots of times water damage occurs after a heavy rainfall and that’s when people realize their roofs are not in great condition. So prepare yourself and your home before the next heavy rain and have that roof checked out. 

Moldy mess

Mold is not something you want all over your kitchen. In this case the mold has spread through the kitchen and adjacent room but have no fear because SERVPRO was there to clean up that moldy mess. Although that mold thought it was going to get the best of us it was wrong. We got in there and cleaned it up so well by the time we were done that kitchen was just as it was pre mold. Our mold remediation team did a great job!

Getting ready for the good stuff

Our great staff getting suited up and ready to conquer this nasty stuff we call mold. This job was a tricky one because there was only a very small amount of mold that was visible to the eye so you would have never known that there was more unless you opened up walls. Once we started ripping out those walls and floor we discovered a lot of mold that was hiding deep in that house. We were able to remove it all and clean the area to prevent it from coming back. Job well done boys!

Plastic helps mold

i bet you are wondering how plastic helps mold? Well it doesn’t really help the mold it actually helps us contain the mold so that we can get rid of it as safely as possible. We build chambers and cover things such as furniture and appliances to ensure we don’t allow it to spread or contaminate anything else in the house. The plastic helps us help you and get rid of the problem lurking in your walls and floors called mold. 

Storm damages more then you can imagine

Storms can cause all sorts of damage to homes. In this photo you will notice a boarded up glass sliding door. This was a result of a big storm that had passed through the city of Van Nuys in California. It scared the home owners and left them in a vulnerable state with that door left wide open. We got there soon after that happened and we boarded that up with a quickness. Everyone felt happy and safe and they were so thankful to have such a wonderful crew respond so quickly. 

Dry it up please!

In this photo you may notice a little wetness on the ground. This place of business had a big water damage and we were there to dry it up. Fortunately we got there just in time to dry it up and clean it out before any mold made its way into that office. 


Having a fire at your home or place of business is a very scary thing. We are so thankful for the fire fighters that come to the rescue and help put out the flames. But, who cleans up the mess after the leave? That’s when you give us a call at SERVPRO and let us come and restore what was once a happy place that has been destroyed. 


Mold is never something we want to deal with and it can cause a lot of problems to our homes and to our health. As you can see in this photo mold can grow and spread rapidly. That is why we are here to stop the spreading and remove the existing mold to ensure the safety of your home and health. When we detect there is mold in your home we follow a strict protocol to ensure the job is done correctly and accurately called mold remediation. This requires the right tools and products to ensure the safety of your home and occupants. In a perfect world mold would not exist but in reality it happens and we just have to be ready to handle it the right way to ensure we get the job done right. Contact Us here at SERVPRO (818)951-6780 for all your mold issues and we would be happy to assist you. 

disposal of ashes

This house caught on fire on a Sunday afternoon while the owners were out to church. Unfortunately they were hoarders and with that comes along a lot of burnt items that needed to be disposed of. SERVPRO was there to clean up! 

House Fire

There's nothing fun about experiencing a house fire. We understand that an obstacle like that can put your life on a complete stop, but there is nothing to worry about when you contact SERVPRO of Van Nuys North.  Trust our company to know exactly what needs to be done to make it "Like it never even happened." Contact us to take that burden off your shoulders.

Commercial businesses

This store front has some seals that are old and leak when it rains and they felt the last storm we had here in Van Nuys. The store had a ton of water damage that we gladly cleaned and dried up.


Commercial damage is very difficult to get rid of on your own, especially when you consider what goes into fire restoration. Fire restoration involves many different steps and processes, and this is why it is imperative that you hire a fire damage expert who can come to your home and do the clean up for you. They will be able to come and take care of the electrical fire or utility room fire that has happened after firefighters have left using their fire trucks and fire hoses.

Along with having this type of commercial fire damage repair done, you may also want to consider a fire sprinkler system and fire suppression system along with fire restoration. Fire restoration alone is simply not enough, since you will want to prevent the issue from happening in the future using a fire sprinkler system and fire suppression system for your own needs. This is why a lot of people have made the decision to contact the experts after dealing with an electrical fire or utility room fire.


Here at SERVPRO of Van Nuys North we use this piece of equipment also known as a dehumidifier. This is also referred to as a DEHU and is mostly used for water damage that can also be caused by heavy storms. 

Coca Cola break

Storm flooding can cause serious problems for both home and business properties. Having a catastrophic event, it can take away from your business operations, and your own time. When a disaster strikes, remember to call SERVPRO of Sunland/Tujunga when help is needed for your home and business.

Our local Coca Cola experienced a flood from the extreme storms that took place in California. They got in touch with us and we were able to extract all the water and save the property from further damages.  

Business Disaster

Water/Fire damages can occur anywhere. It can occur at a home or even at your business, water or fire damages can strike at any moment. Usually having a water or fire loss at your business is hard to come back from and its possible for the business not to last. Re-opening of a business is a challenge, but always remember to put SERVPRO of Van Nuys North on the top of your list to help you with all water/fire mitigation needed to help the business and in the event of your next emergency.

Our local Foot Locker had a water damage and it damaged most of the store. Luckily the insurance company got in contact with us and we got there just in time to keep the damage from spreading.


Waiting for mold damage to occur can drastically increase overall job cost. Usually visible mold growth as seen above  is a result of a long-term water damage that was not immediately taken care of. Once mold is spotted contact SERVPRO of Van Nuys North to keep the mold from growing.

House fires are not fun

There's nothing fun about experiencing a house fire. We understand that an obstacle like that can put your life on a complete stop, but there is nothing to worry about when you contact SERVPRO of Van Nuys.  Trust our company to know exactly what needs to be done to make it "Like it never even happened." Contact us to take that burden off your shoulders.

Hydro Sensor

SERVPRO of Van Nuys uses the most modern equipment to help us assess each water damage situation at your home or business. The invasive Hydro Sensor helps identify moisture in carpet, drywall, and other porous materials. The light at the end of the Hydro Sensor lets us know if there is any moisture present.

House fires are not fun

There's nothing fun about experiencing a house fire. We understand that an obstacle like that can put your life on a complete stop, but there is nothing to worry about when you contact SERVPRO of Van Nuys North.  Trust our company to know exactly what needs to be done to make it "Like it never even happened." Contact us to take that burden off your shoulders.

Our Air Movers are Ready for Whatever Happens

Industrial strength air movers are needed to quickly remove absorbed moisture from ceiling, walls and floors of your home or business. Proper drying helps to prevent swelling and warping of floors, walls, and furniture. With access to thousands of air movers such like the ones you see in this picture, there is no such thing as a job too big for SERVPRO of Van Nuys.

Our Annual SERVPRO Serves Drive

We at SERVPRO of Van Nuys are continually looking for ways to give back to our community in the greater Los Angeles area. Last year, we kicked off our 1st annual SERVPRO Serves donations drive and directed all proceeds to the San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission. We had such a great response of donations given that when it came time to deliver them to the mission, we were barely able to fit everything in our fleet vehicle! We will definitely be doing this again next year.

Our Newest Toy!

We have expanded our fleet so that we can respond more quickly to your restoration emergency. We respond 24/7/365 to your fire, water, and mold damage cleanup needs.

Our Dehumidifiers are here to help make water damage ‘Like it never even happened’

After the bulk of the water has been extracted, SERVPRO of Van Nuys uses specialized equipment to target the water that’s harder to access. We use less intrusive, scientific drying methods to draw the remaining water and moisture from the environment. The dehumidifiers such as the ones you see in this picture represent just one of the many ways we utilize advancements in technology to help mitigate and save our customers money.