Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

Emergency READY

Being prepared it is not only for the big things, but also small water leak, or even can have a full blown flood in the area. To learn from this, it is about being prepared and doing this beforehand. As our clients, we want to make sure they can answer the question if they can handle this storm and be ready what comes after it. Or when fire seasons around the corner and our customers ask what they can proactively due to minimize the risk of a fire around their property.

Clients ask what an emergency ready profile is. We used this Emergency Ready Profile for our clients to ensure their important information, the ability to start mitigation and recovery services will be rather quickly and of course, effectively. 

If You Want The Best, You Call The Best

Our team is dedicated to helping you in a time of need. Our office staff will take your calls and get as much information about the loss as possible so that our crews can bring what they need to stop damage from getting worse. Our technicians specialize in fire, water and mold damage and will help eliminate further damage from occurring. We want you to feel confident that your property is in the right hands when you call SERVPRO of Van Nuys North! 

Mold? Not a Problem for SERVPRO of Van Nuys North

A slow leak under the kitchen sink which the insured did not notice until the problem became worse. A lot of mold growth here, but SERVPRO of Van Nuys North professionals handle this without an issue.

Safety is #1 Priority

Safety is not only something we practice for ourselves it is our priority to keep our customers out of harms way as well as their property. Safety is our focus when trying to salvage our customers materials. This picture is just a small example of how we ensure safety by creating support. Since we removed our customers moldy cabinets, we cut support 2x4 planks to make sure the granite countertop stays in-tact and does not fall or break. 

Rapid Response

Here at SERVPRO of Van Nuys North, we adhere to the quickest response by following the 1,4,8 hour rule. 

Within one hour from notice of loss, our office ladies at SERVPRO of Van Nuys North will contact your insurance to arrange for initial inspection.

Within four hours of initial loss, we're on site to start mitigation services whether as long as agreement with insurance is made and authorization completed.

Within eight hours after the loss, we update the insured and the insurance adjuster with what was initially completed. We then follow up that day with the primary contact and continue what needs to be done until job completed.

Everything Under One Roof

Have you or someone you know experience a loss in your residential or commercial property? Call SERVPRO of Van Nuys North. Our one-stop, restoring to rebuild shop make it, "Like it never even happened." From our state of the are equipment to highly trained and certified technicians, to our skilled construction crew we have all the resources you need under one roof!